la Vitre (EN) : simple collaboration

Clear distances with La Vitre

More than a screen, more than a collaboration solution, la Vitre allows an exchange in living space, or a walk-through place, in the company.

Far from collaborative solutions for meeting rooms, La Vitre connects remote sites, and promotes spontaneous exchanges.

Collaborate as if you were sitting around a coffee, the people from different entities of a company meet and exchange in a face-to-face communication.



La Vitre fluidifies exchanges too often static, long and planned. You have the opportunity to instantly see a member of your team and make informal, easy and productive exchanges.

For stand up meetings, in a discussion hall, to exchange while the time of a coffee, integrated in the open space or just to say Hello, la Vitre facilitates connection.

Share content or your screen with your conversation and keep track of what you're showing. A natural communication that makes you forget screen and distance.


Share screens from computers, tablets, or mobiles, at the path of your conversation. With La Vitre keep your hands on what you show and send media, photos, images, videos, PDF, live.

Shh mode

On either side of the window, everyone can decide to be quiet but staying present, by a blur, a silhouette.

Just ''Knock'' on the screen, and start the call with your colleagues, as if knocking on their door.


Leave a word, a note, a good news, a comment ...

Annotate the shared files, draw. The white page mode works like a paperboard.


Instant translation and transcription!

Speak in your own language and your discussion partner can read what you say in his own language right now. More than 20 languages ​​available (with your Microsoft Azure subscription).

Voice commands

Take control of la Vitre with your voice: "Toc Toc", "shhh", "ok la Vitre" ...

La Vitre in a word ?

A concept :

  • Communicate remotely with colleagues as if you were standing face-to-face, with all the collaboration tools available

A hardware and software solution installed in the premises (minimum two or more!) who wish to communicate :

  • a large touch screen (to see yourself in full size standing) with its support
    a sound system with microphone
    a web cam
    a pc with license and software La Vitre

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